How To Make Networking Work For You ...
Even If You're an Introvert and Hate Networking!
In a New York Times survey, people said, "I'd rather die than walk into a room full of strangers and speak in public." That's why many people have a love hate relationship with b2b and professional networking. 
B2B Networking works and according to a research study from the Rogers Business Division, "82% of New Business Leads Come From Networking."
So how do you reconcile the need to network with the very real discomfort so many people feel? How do you instantly erase the fear of feeling foolish or the "mind blank" that happens when you want to start a conversation?
You need a networking wingman.
Many people are uncomfortable with networking simply because they don't know what to say or how to introduce themselves smoothly into a conversation. Instead they stand around checking their smartphone, sipping their drink and wondering what the heck they're doing there!
It's a shame really because these same people are great at their jobs and love to share their enthusiasm and passion for their work... once they get the conversation going.
That's where Your Networking Wingman comes in!
James BurchillHello, my name is James Burchill (about me) and as your networking wingman I will attend events with you, introduce you, spark the conversation (and when necessary - keep it going) and guide the conversation away from "unprofitable" topics like pets, vacations and so on. 
Of course, if you're a veterinarian then we'll talk about pets! And if you're a travel agent then vacations are a go-to topic also.
I'll also "save you" if you get trapped in a conversation with "that guy" or "that girl" who simply won't stop talking and wasting your precious time.
I'll be your walking, talking personal promoter: Your Networking Wingman
And not in some pushy, cheesy manner, but in a natural, easy-going way that leaves people feeling good about you and your conversation together.
Networking can be fun when approached properly, and if you'd like more support ask me about the monthly coaching program where I'll help you tune up your approach, tighten your offer and help you build a lead generating sales funnel that automatically follows up flawlessly while you enjoy your newfound networking mojo!
How Does This Work?
Get in touch and let's start there. [The contact form is up on the top right.]
If there's a fit and you want my help, you tell me what dates and times you'd like my networking wingman services.
Before the event, you and I will chat on the phone (or Skype) and review your goals and objectives for the event. 
We will also discuss your business, your lead generation strategy (and I'll suggest some tips if it's still "under development") and you'll brief me on things you want to promote and things you want to avoid. 
Finally, you'll tell me a few personal things about yourself (that you're happy to share publicly) and a bit about some hobbies and the like. Theses things make you human and more approachable. Remember, networking is about people connecting ... we're not machines and when we're too serious, we lose the connection.
On the day, I'll arrive at the event at the agreed time. I'll pay my own entry costs and parking along with any food and drink I consume. We will briefly review our approach and then it's "go time" and for the remainder of the event I'll be there at your side (barring bathroom breaks!) guiding you through the entire event, introducing you to people, starting conversations, talking up your achievements and looking for opportunities to gently promote you and get you leads.
If you wish, at a suitable point in the event, we'll take a photo together and I'l post this later on my social media and include your links and hashtags. This promotional consideration is currently included at NO CHARGE. According to Social Blue Book, the average value of one photo Tweet on my profile is USD$175
If this was a solo wingman service event, then we'll spend ~15 minutes on the phone reviewing how things went and discussing how you can best leverage the event and any leads you garnered.
If you're part of my coaching program we will debrief more thoroughly and review the contacts made and the effectiveness of your lead generating approach. We will fine tune it and get ready for the next event. We will also discuss any follow up emails you may wish to send. 
What Now?
If Your Networking Wingman sounds like something you'd value, then let's connect and start there. The solo (1 event) wingman service is currently being offered at a special introductory price of just $149 +tax. 
Monthly coaching programs start at $499 and include 2 bi-weekly (45min) sessions and 2 event wingman supported events (up to 90mins each event.)
Want a Different Wingman?
I'm working on it. No one is the perfect fit for everyone and I'm currently interviewing suitable candidates excited about this program and how it helps small businesses up their professional networking. Let me know if this is something of interest - either becoming a wingman or working with another.
To your continued success,
James Burchill
PS. Your Networking Wingman is currently only available in Halton and the GTA (Ontario, Canada.) Enquire if outside this area as we may still be able to help you.
About: James Burchill is the best selling author or MEETUPOLOGY and the founder of the Social Fusion Network (SFN). Launched in 2012, SFN quickly became a popular b2b networking event in the Halton/GTA area regularly attracting hundreds of people to the monthly events. James has since written another book about b2b networking, launched another social networking group and is working on another networking project: the "90DayNetwork." James is considered a leading authority on b2b networking and regularly speaks about and coaches small business and entrepreneurs how to connect and convert their conversations into cash.